Church of Univeral Love

Bruna X Ministyr on Earth


Bruna X saw herself first and foremost as a Messianic figure. Her entire artistic output from the mid-1960’s onwards reflects her interpretation of God’s plan for humanity’s salvation. This goes some way to explaining why the majority of her works are so rich in symbolism. The problem lies with the fact that it is virtually impossible to interpret this symbolism without a deeper understanding of the artist’s spiritual beliefs. Only members of the New Church of Universal Love (consecrated by the artist in Rome in 1971, and which we have virtually no connection with) have the inside knowledge to bring Bruna X’s message to the world. We in her foundation are only really scratching the surface in the commentaries that we have written for the various series on this site. In addition, because we are not members of the Church we have had, until now, only very limited access to the artist’s substantial writings.

All this is about to change. After numerous approaches by us, the Church has finally agreed to release the five scriptures of the Book of Universal Love and has consented (at least in principle) for them to be summarised by us, the results of which we can then publish on this site. This is a substantial move away from the Church’s previous position that the book remain unpublished, to be viewed only by those who fully subscribe to the artist’s beliefs. We are delighted to be finally given this opportunity even though we fully understand the nature of the huge amount of work that lies ahead of us. The five scriptures comprise over five and a half million words and need to be translated into English, the principal language of the artist’s foundation. We are nevertheless confident that we will have a detailed overview ready for November 2020, and will keep interested readers up to date with developments. In the meantime, anyone seeking  further information concerning the project is welcome to contact us at